How To Remove Wallpaper

Wallpaper removal is a very tedious, meticulous time consuming job. Without the know-how and proper tools it often feels frustrating and like an endless project. With the proper tools and tips you can relieve some of the frustration as well as shave off some time from the project.

Your basic tools and materials needed on every project are a scoring tool, a scraper, solution to loosen the adhesive, a spray bottle or pump sprayer and a sponge.

The wallpaper removal process:

  • How to remove wallpaper.Using a paper tiger with a figure eight motion score the paper so the solution will penetrate and break down the adhesive.
  • Mix your solution as specified with warm water into your sprayer and apply liberally to your scored area. You should let this sit 2-5 minutes to let it break down the adhesive meanwhile you can repeat steps 1 and 2 in another area.
  • At this point you are ready to take down the paper with your scraper. Some jobs are relatively straightforward while others are difficult so if you don’t have the time or patience it’s a good idea to hire a professional.
  • The final step after the wallpaper and backing are removed is to get all of the glue off. This is commonly overlooked and results in the inability to get compound, paint or primer to adhere. I typically use a bucket filled partway with hot water and remove it with a sponge. This part is very monotonous and dirty, but needs to be done thoroughly to avoid problems with the application process (which is a common problem). Be sure to give the walls enough time to dry before any preparation is done.

Wallpaper removal is all too often a daunting task, and is often a project that turns out to be much larger than one thinks. If you’re not willing to take the necessary time needed to complete it properly, consider hiring a professional painting contractor to carry it out properly.