Tips For A Paint Job

When approaching a painting project that you have decided to do yourself, doing some research is an absolute must to achieve a good paint job. I believe the most important part of any project is proper preparation. I will discuss a few aspects of prep that if followed will ensure the best possible outcome.





                               Follow These Tips For A  Paint Job

  • Its best to caulk and compound all areas that need it the day before painting, to fill in any gaps, holes and uneven areas.
  • Move all furniture to the middle of the room.
  • Cover the entire floor and all furniture with drop clothes.
  • remove all electrical plates.
  • When painting windows instead of using tape, use a razor after the paint has dried.
  • For all areas that are taped seal the edge with a 5in1 or putty knife.
  • One step that is often skipped but shouldn’t be is priming. to get the best look and to avoid flashing you should always prime before painting. In addition tint your primer just slightly lighter then your topcoat.
  • Work one wall at a time. both cut and roll to ensure you blend in.
  • If in a bathroom or kitchen and grease, dirt or smoke is present, cleaning the area with warm water and some light detergent is a must.
  • Using quality brushes, rollers and roller covers make all of the difference, so seek out good tools to work with.


A good paint job always begins with proper preparation, and this is usually where the majority of the time is spent. These tips for a paint job should serve as a good place to start when considering an interior painting project yourself. However, nothing is a substitutes for years of experience. To consult the professionals at Vivid call us at 203-246-9966.