Spring Exterior Home Paint Maintenance

Spring Exterior Home Paint MaintenanceWhen most people think of spring cleaning they think about mopping the floors and dusting under the bed. The truth is that when the mild weather comes around it is just as important to clean up the outside of your house. The extreme weather of summer and winter puts quite a strain on a house, so it is important to perk up the exterior with a power wash and a paint job.

Think of all the types of weather we get here in Connecticut in the course of a year. Extreme heat, high humidity, and rain in summer, and extreme cold, frost, ice, and snow in winter. Weather like this is also accompanied by moisture, and moisture takes its toll on exterior paint. Moisture can cause paint to swell and soften, and ultimately leads to cracking and peeling. Moisture also fosters the growth of mildew, unsightly and unwelcome at any home. We at Vivid Painting have the remedy for this problem. The preparation for painting your house is an opportunity to find and repair problems such as mildew or rotted wood. Power washing the exterior of your home will remove any mildew as well as loose flaky paint and dust and dirt that may have accumulated over time. This will provide a clean, sound surface to be painted.

This is also an excellent time for general outdoor maintenance such as having your gutters cleaned out. After the fall season most gutters and downspouts are jammed with more debris than most people realize. Gutters are made to protect your home from damage, but when they are clogged they are useless. Clogged gutters can lead to wet basements, washed out landscapes, and rot your wood siding as well as wood trim around windows and doors. Not to mention a twenty foot gutter can weigh up to 300 pounds when full. That is quite a strain on your fascia. So if you are noticing problems such as flaky paint, mildew, rotting trim, and clogged gutters, you may think you can put off repairs for a few more seasons. You could also let us take care of it now and save yourself from more costly repairs in the future.

Hopefully you see now that power washing and exterior home painting is not a luxury, but a necessity to keep your home in tip top condition. It provides you as a homeowner the chance to nip developing problems in the bud and save yourself the headache of expensive repairs later on. So get a head start this spring and have your home’s exterior clean and freshly painted, ready for the year to come.