How to select a paint finish

Interior PaintingAlong with the challenging task of selecting color, sheen while equally important can be much more straightforward. By following the guidelines we have provided you will be choosing between just two finishes.

Different paint manufacturers use different terms for very similar sheen levels. however, you will only need to choose between two for any room and surface. by using the guide we created you will be choosing correctly for every surface inside and out.

Select A Paint Finish by The Level Of Traffic In that Area

low traffic areas: flat and matte

These are the most popular choices for ceilings and walls in low traffic areas as well as exterior siding. They are excellent at hiding imperfections as well as dispersing light evenly. The downside is they tend to not be washable, so these are poor choices for children’s rooms, baths and kitchens.

high traffic areas: eggshell and satin

These are the most popular choice for walls in any area that needs to be wiped down and cleaned as well as baths where they are subjected to steam where a paint with elasticity is needed.

Trim, cabinets, doors and shutters: semi-gloss and high gloss

In both high traffic areas and on doors be sure to select a paint finish with more sheen for looks and longevity.

These enamels have the most durability as well as the most shine making them a great choice for trim and doors where your looking to compliment the walls, as well as cabinets where high traffic will meet durability.

As you can see by breaking areas and surfaces down to just two options makes your decision easier while giving you the desired appearance and longevity. Of course with all the different levels of sheen one should have an idea of a particular look before deciding, to ensure satisfaction.

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