How To Select Exterior House Paint Colors

When it comes to the overall look and design of a homes’ exterior, color often gets little attention, yet has the potential to have such an impact. You’re front door for instance is usually the first thing seen, yet it all to often gets ignored. With so many options when it comes to choosing colors, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Here are some tips to take into consideration and help you with you’re selection.

How to select exterior paint colors.

  • You’re landscaping- take into account all of you’re trees,  flowers and plants. With all of the changing colors here you will want to take these into account.
  • Masonry and roof-  These can be thought of like an extension of you’re siding, so you definitely want something that will match this it least somewhat.
  • Surrounding homes- take into consideration the surrounding homes, particularly you’re next door neighbors.
  • Choose a bold color for you’re front door. particularly one that stands out and goes with you’re chosen siding color.

   As with all colors in all places its always best to test it to really see if its to you’re liking. Now be sure to check it in the morning, noon and early evening. You do this to see how the area is affected in different light conditions.

Lastly be sure to use you’re resources. Whether its a color consultant at you’re local paint store, or a color visualization tool which can be found on Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore websites. By following the steps Ive provided you should be able to narrow down you’re selection, and come up with colors that really work for you’re home.