Save Thousands by Not Replacing Your Deck

DeckReviveIs your deck tired and worn? How many years since you have actually done any maintenance to it? Most people tend to think that once the deck is built that their job is done. But the elements can be downright brutal to your new, beautiful deck.

DeckRevive is a zero-VOC polymer coating that resurfaces, repairs, and protects lumber. This product restores the surface of your deck, filling in cracks and locking down splinters leaving you with a like-new, durable, textured coating that will last for years.

We at Vivid Painting were the first out of our store to use DeckRevive. We first used this product on an old, weathered deck that had not been serviced in ten years. The customer was considering having a new deck built due to the extensive cracking and splintering from years of expansion and contraction. After consulting with them and demonstrating it on an area, they were more than pleased with the restoration and surface that it provides.

DeckReviveThe product actually restores the worn out surface of your deck. This product will fill in cracks and knots in your old deck while providing a new durable non-slip, scuff, stain, and fire resistant surface. The new coating you will have will also last for many years with little to no maintenance. Another perk for using this product over traditional stain, it is fast drying. This product can be applied in the morning and you can be enjoyed that same evening.

Using revive can also save you a considerable amount of money that you might otherwise be spending on a new deck. The average cost of a brand new deck is between $5,000.00 and 12,000.00. Revive costs only a fraction of that and still gives the look of a brand new deck. It can also be colored with latex paint, so you can have it finished in any color you would like. By using this product you will also be helping out the environment. You will be using an eco-friendly product to extend the service life of your deck and keeping a still usable structure out of the landfill.