Preparing A Room For Painting

The most tedious and time consuming part of painting a room is the preparation. However, to ensure the best outcome proper preparation must be done. Additional aspects involved would be choosing the type of paint, color and the correct tools for the particular job. Here are the most common issues and methods for preparing a room for painting.

  • Painting preparationRemove all items in the room you can, including furniture, pictures and breakables.
  • Be sure all remaining items are moved to the center of the room and that that the floor and furniture are completely covered with drop clothes ensuring a neat and clean job.
  • Remove all outlets and switch plate covers.
  • Using painters tape. Tape along the top of the baseboard trim or heater whichever is there. Around all window frames, the door as well as any hardware on the door.
  • Any hanging fixtures you can use either painters plastic or a large plastic bag to cover and protect it.
  • Remove any nails that might be on your wall.
  • If need be wash down your walls using a light detergent like tsp, this is common in the bathroom where mildew accumulates as well as the kitchen where buildup is common.
  • Fill any holes and smooth uneven surfaces with drywall compound.
  • Caulk any gaps between trim and molding and the wall.

Proper preparation of a room before painting is the most important part, and will render you the best visual results as well as it’s durability. It’s often so tedious and meticulous that it’s easily done wrong. If one isn’t willing to take the necessary steps to prep, hiring a professional painter who can carry out the project from start to finish will be a worthwhile investment.