Painting Ideas For A Ceiling

It’s all too common when planning a painting project that a ceilings impact on a rooms look goes unnoticed. With limitless options to the fifth wall like color, finish and texture its ability to enhance the overall look is good reason to give it more consideration.

White ceilings are the most common and can often be the best choice. If the walls are substantially darker with a white ceiling it will balance out the appearance of size, whereas an all white room will simply look larger. However, staging a room where the floor is darkest, walls are lighter, and the ceiling lightest will help open up a room as well.

While white interior-painting-ceilingis the most common, the options here are endless. The idea is to have two colors that blend together well. A few examples are a sky blue ceiling and medium red walls, or an orange over brown. A very helpful tool i have found is Benjamin Moores’ personal color viewer, which can be found here- This program allows you to explore color design options in any style room, giving you an idea of what appeals to you before committing to it.

Finishes for ceilings unlike walls are almost always flat. A flat sheen absorbs light and has a very low reflective quality, which hides imperfections leaving pure color overhead.

Decorative painting is another choice as well. With options available like paintable wallpaper, metallic glazes and specialty plasters, one can achieve any look you can imagine.

These are just a few ways that a ceiling can transform a room or your entire home.