Organic or Inorganic – Exterior Paint Color Properties

Exterior Paint Color PropertiesWhen painting the exterior of your home it is important to not only choose a color that you like, but one that will also last. There are a few qualities different colors have, such as dark vs. light colors, that can affect the longevity of your home’s paint job.

Colors have different values. There are dark colors, light colors, and every shade in between. There are also organic and inorganic colors. Inorganic colors are earth tones such as browns, tans, and beige. Organic colors are more vibrant colors like reds, blues, yellows, and greens.

The color you choose is a factor of how long your paint job will last. Lighter, inorganic colors will last longer than darker organic colors. This is because darker colors absorb more UV rays, which means more heat, and the extra heat leads to moisture and condensation. Darker colors will also fade faster. Darker colors are still good to paint your home with, however they will need to be repainted sooner and touch-ups are more noticeable on them due to fading of the original paint job.

There are other factors to consider still, such as the exposure of your house. Our New England climate goes from temperatures above 90 degrees in summer to well below freezing in winter. There is also wind, rain, hail, and snow that will come in contact with your home’s exterior. The sides of your house that get hit most with these elements, as well as the side that gets the most sunlight, will fade and break down quickly. So be sure to choose a color that will stand up to these elements.

Exterior Paint Color PropertiesAnother important consideration is the quality of the paint you choose. High quality paint is naturally more expensive, but not more expensive than repainting your entire house in a few years. High quality paints contain better resins, bonding agents, colorants, and a tighter molecular build. These characteristics come together to make high quality paints worth every extra cent. By using high quality paints you will get several more years of durability, color retention, and protection from the elements. As an added bonus, top-of-the-line paints usually come with a lifetime warranty.

If you would like a darker, organic color for your home’s exterior, be aware you will have to repaint sooner and be more proactive about maintaining the paint job by doing things such as power washing. Also keep in mind if you select a high quality or even mid-grade paint, you will add years to the life of your exterior paint job.