Interior House Painting Tips


Interior house painting is one of the most common home repairs – and for good reason. It’s relatively affordable, not to mention that it makes a drastic impact on a room’s presentation and appearance. In the 90’s, faux treatments such as sponge painting and color meshing were all the rage, whereas today, it’s all about dramatic color. A new coat of paint can modernize a space and bring your personality to a space for just a small amount. That said, the eye is sensitive and can sense even minor flaws – do the job the right way to get professional results with these interior painting tips.

Here are some interior house painting tips to make you’re project better form start to finish.

Interior Painting Tip #1 – Color Your World
Don’t be afraid of color – but make sure that it’s the right color for the space. For example, that burnt orange may be beautiful on a low-lit living room accent wall, but can quickly turn a brightly lit foyer into a giant pumpkin. Before purchasing paint, make sure to test out your color in the actual space that you will place it to get an idea of how it will look in your actual lighting. If it passes the lighting test, then consider scope – will it still look as amazing if it fills the entire room or will it be overkill?

Interior Painting Tip #2 – It’s all in the Preparation
Like most things, it’s the preparation that counts the most. Things like dents left in the walls will show through the paint, either remaining dents of the previous color or making shadows that appear as lines on the wall. Imperfect surfaces, such as patches that weren’t properly sanded down, will show through paint as well and become even more pronounced with paint finishes that include a higher sheen.

Make sure to safeguard your space against spills and drips – cover all floors in drop cloths and place plastic overlays on all furniture. Once your space is prepped, take a few moments to set up all ladders and brushes or rollers so that you don’t have to break mid-painting session.

Taking the time to fully prepare the space ahead of time will ensure a finished outcome at the end and is well worth the time it takes up front.

Interior house Painting Tip #3 – Color in the Lines
Remember when you were little and your mom taught you to first outline the picture before coloring in between the lines? Interior painting is kind of like that – only with higher stakes and longer-lasting results. Professional painters use varying techniques to ensure that paint remains only on the intended surface and that the finished lines are clean and straight. There are plenty of tools, such as edgers and painters tape, to create the outline of your space before coloring it in, but – to be honest, it’s still difficult to get the perfect line. That said, if you do use an edger, work on a small portion of the wall first – otherwise that initial edge is going to create a line that stands out from the rest of the wall. As for painters tape, don’t let the paint dry before peeling it off or you run the risk of pulling off paint with the tape.

There are countless interior painting tips to make your paint job stand out, but to be honest, the biggest way to make your painting perfect is to bring in the pros. We have professional grade tools and perfected techniques to make every inch perfect. Not to mention that it’s our job – which means that we have the time to finish every dent, patch every hole, and finish every surface to perfection before the paint even hits the wall. Odds are that, in addition to your job, you have life happening and time is at a premium.

If you’re thinking about interior house painting, give us a call at [203-246-9966]. We’re happy to help with the job or even to discuss interior painting tips with you.