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The inside of your home is an atmosphere, an expression, and inherently, it’s you. When you think of a painter, you may be inclined to think, which kind? There are painters who create works of art and painters who paint rooms inside of houses. In essence, both are artists. Interior painting requires a high level of skill and an attention to detail. Without the proper tools, know how and interpersonal skills a project wont meet its full potential.


Home Painting in Norwalk, CT!

Vivid Painting may not have become known for wall murals and other types of painting that you would immediately think of as art, but when we ask questions during our initial consultation, listen to your vision, gain an understanding of your personality, and make the discoveries needed to assure your interior painting project makes an accurate visual statement about you, that is nothing short of art. The benefits include everything from years of satisfaction as you enjoy your home, to authentic compliments from guests because true expression gets noticed.

Any determined painter can develop the technical skill to properly prepare a room and apply paint with precision. They can familiarize themselves with the best choice of products and materials. But the nuances of painting are different. Just like you can instinctively tell a great movie from a good one without having to know technical details of movie production, a great interior paint job has the same distinction. It requires an artist’s touch.

For this reason, every painting project has the direct involvement and supervision of Vivid Painting owner, Michael Lasprogato. This level of service cannot be mass produced. That may sound expensive, but every measure we can use to control costs without diminishing your complete satisfaction has been taken. We operate lean to provide exceptional results at competitive costs. They may not be as low as those who want to bait you with price, but we want you to be as enthusiastic several years from now as you are when we unveil your new masterpiece living environment after painting.

Be sure to contact us for a free evaluation and consultation. In the same way you recommend a great movie to people you know, our goal is to be an exceptional painter you would gladly recommend to anyone else needing interior painting.