How Your Interior Paint Color Can Affect Your Mood

With limitless choices for your home’s interior, paint color can either be chosen based on personal taste, or by which will set the mood in the area. Below are some examples of what moods some colors may trigger and some examples of good placement for those colors.

      Are interior paint colors setting the wrong mood in you’re home?

Color Moods Chart

Blues for tranquility:

Blues are very refreshing, calm and create a peaceful atmosphere. This makes them an excellent choice for bedrooms, but has been shown to suppress appetite so not in dining rooms.

Green, a prominent color found in nature:

Like blue green is a cooling color as well and creates a very soothing atmosphere, more of a natural, neutral feel then blue. The calming effect it evokes makes it suitable for any room.

Greys for creativity:

Greys are known to inspire creativity in people, and are considered an elegant, classy color. Lighter greys work well in living rooms and kitchens, while darker shades in bathrooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

Reds for energy and passion:

Red is associated with feelings of passion and intimacy. It stimulates the appetite, and has been shown to increase heart rate and blood pressure. It’s commonly used in restaurants and is an excellent choice for your dining room.

Orange is pleasant:

Similar to red, orange is warming as well, but is less intense. The mood it creates is welcoming and friendly. Orange is a great choice for living rooms and family rooms.

Browns are soothing:

Browns are very relaxing, subtle and elegant. They are popular and classic shades. From the darker reddish shades to lighter tans most are suitable in living rooms.

Whites being neutral:

Very common neutral colors are the many whites and cream colors. They are commonly used in hallways and to connect different rooms, but can work well anywhere while being simple and subtle.

Brighten things up with yellow:

Yellow grabs attention more than any other color, and works well in low light areas such as hallways and foyer areas. They’re also suitable for bedrooms. However, be sure to choose shades that aren’t too bright as they can be overwhelming.

Black for sophistication:

Black is a very authoritative color. It is also dependent on where it’s used. It can work in your home or business interior. Try to offset it with a neutral color. Black is associated with dignity and sophistication.

By now you should have an idea of how interior paint colors work in different setting and effect mood. For more information on interior painting visit our blog and learn the different ways of transforming your home’s interior with conscientious, creative interior painting.

Its my belief that interior paint color has a profound impact on the rooms setting, so choose wisely.