Painting An Accent Wall

Creating an accent wall is a simple way to make a large decorative change to a room. There is one method that i use, and often share with customers that makes the process simple and works every-time.

Looking To Paint An Accent Wall?

My formula, and easiest way that i have found is to first choose your main color. Now pick one either two or three down on the same color strip. By choosing one from the same strip your staying within the same color family, and can be assured that they will go together. Also, by deciding on one two to three down you have one that’s deep and bold enough to show enough contrast. One mistake some make is choosing too close to the color and not getting enough contrast. This rarely looks right. Now if your going with a darker main color the same applies in the opposite direction. you would simplyaccent-wall-colorschoose two to three up on the same strip and there you have it.

With the Benjamin Moore visualization tool-  you can paint your room and see how an accent wall color looks in your space, before deciding on one.

When on the fence between two or more colors its best to put up samples. This is the best way to see the actual colors before committing to them. Painting an accent wall is simple as long as you stay within color families. whether lighter or darker they should always match the rest of the room.