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Many people, when faced with the meticulous challenge of house painting services, are tempted to turn it into a DIY project. However, there are many benefits to hiring professionals. A professional painter, by extension, is an artist who has honed his skills over the years and has gathered a trove of golden tips and know-how. In other words, a professional painter knows his work inside out.

What Can House Painting Do For You?

If you’re seriously considering hiring someone to paint your home, hopefully the following points can help convince you to hire us:

  • Skills

We are well trained and very experienced in this field. We have been in business for a long time, and you can rest assured that we do a great job. If you are reluctant to hire because you are not sure of the quality of our work, just ask for referrals or have ahouse-painting-services look at our websites gallery -

With house painting services, there are often odd and high places which need to be accessed. Professional painters are trained regarding safety measures, and have the appropriate equipment such as ladders and scaffolds to help them reach these hard to reach areas. In addition tools like sprayers for painting kitchen cabinets and doors are used to achieve a fine finish.

  • Not sure which color to pick? 

If you are not sure about which colors to choose, you can ask for the painters’ advice. Chances are we will have the range of right color in mind, after which you can test colors before committing to one or several. We have what it takes to add an impressive look to your home.

  • Preparation of the walls to be painted

Before the painting begins we do all the necessary preparation. Yes, preparing the surface often requires that cracks are filled, gaps are caulked and areas sanded.  While the application aspect of the paint job is much faster, its preparation that takes the majority of time. Many people skimp or even skip this aspect of the project and thereby cut costs, at the expense of a good job. I believe the key to a great house painting job is great preparation.

We will also advise you regarding the type of paint you should use on you’re ceiling, walls or enamel for you’re kitchen cabinets.

  • Neat job and great customer service

Apart from doing an excellent job, the reason you should hire us is the quality of our customer service. Once we have completed our job, we thoroughly clean up after ourselves, making sure we don’t leave a mess behind. Finally, you can expect great customer service from the first call to the very end of the project.

Looking to hire someone for you’re house painting  services project? Call Vivid Painting today! We are the professionals you need for a great cost-effective project.