Hire A Professional Painter Norwalk, CT

Painting is not as easy as some people claim; it is time consuming and requires a great deal of effort. Deciding to take on the painting of your home or office is certainly not a small task. There is a difference between the DIY  and a seasoned professional. For some, doing it yourself is better because we feel it will save us some money. Some would say “why hire a professional painter, when I can do it myself”. Why do people opt to hire us while others do it themselves?

Why Hire a painter ?

hire-a-professional-painterThere must be something special about jobs that are done by professionals. Actually, you will notice the difference between a job done by us at Vivid Painting and a job done by someone inexperienced. We have gone through many hours of professional training and have learned various techniques over a course of years. We know the right materials to use for specific jobs, as well as the right protocol. The knowledge we possess cannot be learned simply by reading articles off the internet and going at it. The skills we’ve acquired took quite some time. We have what it takes to paint out streaks, spot nearly imperceptible flaws in drywall before they’re painting.

The first thing we do is help pick the right products and materials for the particular project. There are different types of materials and they are all designed to suit various surfaces. Neatness is a must so all furniture and floors should be covered with drop clothes for safety. Things like these are often neglected and overlooked by the inexperienced.

If you really want a neat and awe inspiring job, then you’ll want to hire a professional painter. We are very vigilant about taking care of your house, properties and valuable items. You don’t want a situation where some of your properties get messed up. A sloppy job could ruin your appliances, furniture and tiles. Masking is a crucial and meticulous step in making a project look neat and appealing.

Whatever project you wish to have completed, wherever you want it done, we at Vivid Painting can do it correctly, from start to finish. You will find us to be courteous, reasonable and knowledgeable from the very beginning. We will ensure that the job is done neatly and to your satisfaction on time every time.