Ideas for a front door paint color

While the front door can sometimes be overlooked by homeowners, it is still one of the very first things seen by visitors. It can be dull and uninviting or fresh and exciting. The right front door color can make a strong statement while complimenting you’re home and adding to its curb appeal.

Tips for choosing the right front door paint color.front door paint color

  • Consider a color wheel. When you are looking for colors that go together whether contrasting or complimenting a color wheel lays out all the different options to suit you’re taste.
  • The color should provide a contrast to the siding and trim colors. this way it stands out while complimenting the rest of the house.
  • The rest of you’re home can be a guide for what does and doesn’t work for a door as well.The style of you’re home, the landscape and surroundings can all be taken into account.
  • Decide whether you are looking for a color that is more energetic, one that’s playful or one that is more traditional.
  • Always test front door paint colors before choosing one. Color can be very deceiving when not on you’re desired surface and being changed by light.

After choosing you’re front door paint color, you need to properly prepare it first.  There are many steps that need to be taken to ensure you will get the look and durability you want for you’re front door. You will first want to strip all of the hardware off of it. Any cracks or holes in it should be filled in. You should lightly sand the entire surface to be sure you have a flat and smooth surface. You can use a brush and roller, brushing the detailed areas while rolling all flat surfaces. I prefer to use an airless sprayer with a fine tip. This gives me a very even and fine finish with no brush or roller marks.