What is the best way to choose a color?
Using samples in several different areas, will give you the best idea of what the color actually looks like. By using samples you also have the advantage of seeing how your lights effect the potential color.
Which sheen should I use?
For living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways flat or matte will suffice. For kitchens and bathrooms that have heat and debris to contend with eggshell or satin is suitable.
Is proper preparation done for each project?
Yes, we pride ourselves on preparation. It is the most time consuming and difficult part of a job, but is essential for look and especially longevity and durability.
How do I prevent mildew?
The only surefire method for this is for the surface to start getting sun, without it, it will continuously come back. As for cleaning it I use a mixture of bleach with a light detergent like tsp in water.
Do you provide a warranty?
Yes, we have a 2 year warranty on all interior and exterior painting. We warranty decks and patios for 1 year. The warranty is good for the duration of time starting upon the day we finish the project.