Exterior Painting Services in Norwalk, CT

The exterior paint on your home doesn’t just provide curb appeal and protection for your home, although it certainly does do that, it silently tells your story, utilizes the human visual senses to create an impression and expectation of the people inside your home. It’s your opportunity to tell that story accurately through your choice of color and style.

Exterior painting services

The challenge to fulfilling that opportunity hinges on your choice of a painter to provide exterior painting services. Technical skill, experience, knowledge of exterior surfaces and home finishes, those can all be learned and usually get touted on painter web sites. Sure we have all that, any good painter needs to if they expect to stay in business.

We’re pretty sure you didn’t arrive here looking for a story teller but a story will be told, there’s just no way around that. Homes that get neglected tell a story. Homes that get painted by unskilled painters tell a story. You get the idea, all house painters and home owners are story tellers whether they realize it or not.

Because we recognize the importance of telling your story, we don’t strive to be a “big” painting company or hire unskilled workers who treat your home like a summer job they do just for extra money. Vivid Painting owner, Michael Lasprogato, personally interviews with you to discover your story and supervises/works on your project to assure your story gets told accurately.

Your interview and consultation for us to discover your story is free. Contact us right away to schedule. There’s never any pressure, except on us to win your satisfaction in such a way that you will tell others your story so they will want us to tell theirs too.