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Uh-oh. You just walked into a room in your house and as you turned on the lights you noticed something out of the corner of your eye. A crack. A faint, hairline crack running diagonally from the top corner of the far window up to the ceiling. Considering drywall repair?

What should you do?

You have some options. You could try to ignore it or do something about it. Here’s a tip. You should probably do something about it, but before you do anything, you might want to give us a call.

A rose may be a rose, but not all cracks are the same. Ceiling cracks and wall cracks can run the gamut from minor annoyances to seriously large cracks, and knowing what you are dealing with is as important as getting it repaired.

Some cracks appear as a result of the normal settling of a house on its foundation over months and years. Those minor-looking cracks seem innocent enough. They look like you could paint right over them, but that’s not the case.

In other cases, painting over a crack only draws attention to it, making the defect more noticeable than if you had left it alone. Sure, you can try to fill the crack yourself, apply a little Spackle, smooth it out and paint right over it. But if it isn’t done correctly, and with the right materials it will return.

The problem with cracks is it can be difficult to distinguish between innocent ones and the more complex kinds that indicate you may have a serious foundation problem in play. That’s why should you get in touch with a professional to help you assess the kind of problem you have and the best ways to repair it.

At Vivid Painting, we have the experience and knowledge to identify the seriousness of your drywall and ceiling cracks. We can provide you with our candid assessment and let you know whether you need drywall repair or if you should consult with foundation repair professionals.

You can trust us to provide you with an educated an un-biased opinion regarding your unique repair situations. That might mean you handle the painting yourself, enlist our help, or get bids for foundation repair from recognized experts.

Whenever you are faced with unsightly cracking, give us a call. Whether your cracks are brand new or you’ve lived with them for years, we’re happy to consult with you. You’ll be surprised how simply and affordably we can restore the beauty of your home.

At Vivid Painting we can easily and capably handle most wall and ceiling cracks. Your home will look better-than-new and those lines and squiggles will be thoroughly masked to give you a professional finish for years to come.

So whether it’s your existing home that is starting to show signs of wear, or you are concerned about the cracks in the walls of a home you want to buy, give us a call. We’re happy to provide you a no-cost estimate for repair.

Small cracks or serious breaks – they won’t repair themselves. Call today for drywall repair and let us help you make the best decision for repairing your home. Vivid Painting-Norwalk,CT