Decorative Painting


If you are looking to transform walls in your home, whether it be a feature wall, a whole room or your whole home, there are certain techniques that can be used when it comes to painting. These techniques can give a unique feel to the walls bringing your rooms to life. By hiring decorative painting professionals you can use the following techniques to add depth and texture to spaces throughout your home.

decorative Painting

A faux finish breaks up solid color and adds a feel of creativity to a room, depending on which colors are used, this finish can be very dramatic or it can blend in, bringing a subtle difference to a space.

There are many ways you can use a faux finish to bring life to a space.You may want to consider adding a feature wall to your living room. By choosing a color that is just a touch darker, or lighter, and having a faux finish applied, you can drawer the eye straight to a specific space.

If you love the texture that wallpaper can  bring to a space but the thought of having to peel back paper and deal with all that mess turns you off, a faux finish can bring texture and style to a wall without all the struggle of wall paper.

Mottling Painting

Mottling is another technique that can be used to bring some interest to a space. Mottling can give you an effect that is similar to leather or parchment. By using a base coat with a glaze over the top, alongside the right technique, mottling can give beautiful results that make a room stand out.

From mixing the same color in different tones, or using completely different colors, mottling can turn a plain wall into a wall that is full of interest.

Mottling can be especially effective if you are looking to bring a warm Tuscan type feel to a room, as many mottled walls can be seen through the Tuscany region.

Professional Decorative Painting

No matter which technique you choose, it is important that you find faux finish painters that know what they are doing . Having a professional that knows how to apply these painting techniques can make all the difference when it comes to the results.

If you are looking to add some interest to your homes walls, contact us today at Vivid Painting, we have experience in applying faux finish painting techniques and can help you get the look you want.