Deck staining

For protection against everything from damaging U.V rays to abrasion deck staining is a must. If you want a place that family and friends can enjoy you will want a deck that is free from things like warping, splintering and mildew. Unlike other surfDeck Stainingaces your deck is mostly horizontal so its constantly exposed to weather and wear. I’m going to discuss the process of proper preparation and then staining.

Deck staining  for looks and durability.

Preparation: In order to achieve an appealing look proper prep is key.  We will first use a power washer along with a detergent designed for cleaning. Getting the substrate clean is essential for proper adhesion and looks. I typically advise that someone have some level of experience when using a power washer. You must know how to dial in the correct pressure, use the right tip, etc. After a wash i wait typically three to four days for it to properly dry out. I now countersink all nail pops and sand any areas that need it.

Stain: We begin by working all vertical surfaces first, staining all lattice, spindles and handrails. For the floor its quickest and best to roll and back brush. Here we are applying the stain by rolling it on, and back brushing it to ensure proper adhesion.

deck staining and cleaning are a must, as proper maintenance is essential for looks and durability. By having this completed every other year you are doing your part to ensuredeck-staining maximum longevity for years to come.