Commercial Painting Contractor in Norwalk, CT

If you own a commercial building that needs to be repainted both inside and out, our professional team at  Vivid Painting can help. As one of Norwalk, CT’s most trusted commercial painting contractors, we work with you and your team to come up with a new paint scheme that will work for the style of your commercial building, the specific rooms that need painting, and the texture of the walls. We will work closely with you so that the paint colors chosen work well with the businesses inside your building. Once the paint colors are decided you can feel confident to leave the rest of the commercial painting project to us, knowing that the job will be completed in a professional and timely manner.

Michael Lasprogato is the owner of Vivid Painting, Michael makes sure that he is involved in every project so that you can be assured that every job completed is done with the utmost care.  From the inside of your board room to your exterior entrance, Vivid Painting can give your commercial building the professional attention it deserves.

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Commercial Painting Services in Norwalk, CT

Painting the interior of a commercial building can be tricky, whether your building is made up of offices and meeting rooms, or you have customers in and out all day, we understand that you need your interior to stay neat and tidy while the paint work is completed. We take pride in keeping you the customer satisfied and will work hard to pay attention to every tiny detail, from drop cloths being laid to protect your valuables to a complete clean up once the job is finished. We want you to be completely satisfied with the job we provide.

Whether you choose to leave the choice of color up to us or you already know exactly what you want, our team will work to give you the professional results you are looking for. Our team is trained with great attention to detail, leaving you to take care of your business, knowing that the inside of your building is in our care.


Commercial Exterior Painting Services in Norwalk, CT

The outside of your commercial building is what people see first. If the outside is looking run down and like it has seen better days, then its likely this is not sending the best message about what lies inside the building. Painting a commercial building can be intricate, from painting underneath and around signs, to dealing with all the windows and lighting, our professional team has had many years experience in delivering the best results.

You can be sure that when you hire Vivid Painting that you are receiving a  professional commercial painting service. Our small family owned business ensures that you know exactly who you are dealing with it can also help you save money as our overheads are small and we rely on referrals rather than spending mountains of money on advertising. Due to this reliance on referrals we put only our best into each job we do.

The team at Vivid Painting will work to give you an exterior that helps your commercial building stand out among the rest.
Contact Vivid Painting today for a free consultation and to discuss how our Norwalk commercial painting services can help turn your commercial building into a building that people want to both work and do business in.