How To Select Exterior House Paint Colors

When it comes to the overall look and design of a homes’ exterior, color often gets little attention, yet has the potential to have such an impact. You’re front door for instance is usually the first thing seen, yet it all to often gets ignored. With so many options when it comes to choosing colors, […]

Painting An Accent Wall

Creating an accent wall is a simple way to make a large decorative change to a room. There is one method that i use, and often share with customers that makes the process simple and works every-time. Looking To Paint An Accent Wall? My formula, and easiest way that i have found is to first […]

Power washing

Power washing is one of the most safe and effective ways of cleaning your property. Whether you have a roof that is stained, siding with mildew, or a faded deck that needs restoration pressure washing can help. Common problems corrected by power washing. Roof algae: The black streaks left by this are quite common. This […]

Deck Staining In Norwalk, CT ||Deck Maintenance |Deck refinishing

The Best Deck Maintenance In Norwalk, CT For protection against everything from damaging U.V rays to abrasion deck staining is a must. If you want a place that family and friends can enjoy you will want a deck that is free from things like warping, splintering and mildew. Unlike other surfaces your deck is mostly […]

Painting Ideas For A Ceiling

It’s all too common when planning a painting project that a ceilings impact on a rooms look goes unnoticed. With limitless options to the fifth wall like color, finish and texture its ability to enhance the overall look is good reason to give it more consideration. White ceilings are the most common and can often […]

Tips For A Paint Job

When approaching a painting project that you have decided to do yourself, doing some research is an absolute must to achieve a good paint job. I believe the most important part of any project is proper preparation. I will discuss a few aspects of prep that if followed will ensure the best possible outcome.   […]

How to use masking tape when painting

Achieving straight lines when painting can be one of the most challenging but important aspects of the project. knowing and not knowing how to use tape can be the difference between a lousy job, and a job well done. There are three basic steps to follow and if done correctly will make all the difference. […]

How to select a paint finish

Along with the challenging task of selecting color, sheen while equally important can be much more straightforward. By following the guidelines we have provided you will be choosing between just two finishes. Different paint manufacturers use different terms for very similar sheen levels. however, you will only need to choose between two for any room […]

Interior House Painting Tips

Interior house painting is one of the most common home repairs – and for good reason. It’s relatively affordable, not to mention that it makes a drastic impact on a room’s presentation and appearance. In the 90’s, faux treatments such as sponge painting and color meshing were all the rage, whereas today, it’s all about […]

Transform Your Kitchen with Paint

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why most people are always anxious to improve it. Certainly, there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to bring that full scale kitchen remodel you’ve always dreamed of to fruition. Sadly, though, it’s just not always possible. Whether it’s due to financial […]