The Benefits Of Painting Your Home

People use public relations professionals – PR firms — to preserve and protect their image as well as to market and promote themselves. Your home can use some PR to help preserve, protect and promote it, as well. The benefits of painting your home are many and far reaching. Your home. There’s no place like […]

Drywall Repair | Drywall Contractors

Uh-oh. You just walked into a room in your house and as you turned on the lights you noticed something out of the corner of your eye. A crack. A faint, hairline crack running diagonally from the top corner of the far window up to the ceiling. Considering drywall repair? What should you do? You […]

2015’s trending paint colors

What better way to jumpstart your New Year and transition into spring than by refreshing your surroundings. And what better way to make a change and an impact than with paint colors. The 2015 paint color lines are out, with more new varieties of shade and hue than ever before. Lots of great colors are […]

How to paint your baseboards and not your carpeting

You want to paint your baseboards; you don’t want to paint your carpeting.  The secret to successfully sprucing up the trim next to your plush, frieze or Saxony? Prepare, prepare, prepare. Far better to spend a little extra time gathering your supplies and perfecting your technique that go through the time and expense of trying […]

Bathroom Painting Tips And ideas

Bathroom painting can be a fast, fun and economical way to transform your décor. But before you run out to the paint store, here are some tips and tricks to ensure your painting project is a complete success. First Things First Before you decide on your new color(s), take just a few minutes to assess […]

How to choose paint colors

No doubt about it, it’s time for a change. You are more than ready for something new and different on the walls of your home. Maybe you’ve grown tired of the same old shade of beige in the dining room and are looking for something bold and fresh. Perhaps you’ve moved and the existing color […]

House Painting Services Norwalk, CT

House Painting Company Many people, when faced with the meticulous challenge of house painting services, are tempted to turn it into a DIY project. However, there are many benefits to hiring professionals. A professional painter, by extension, is an artist who has honed his skills over the years and has gathered a trove of golden […]

Decorative Painting

  If you are looking to transform walls in your home, whether it be a feature wall, a whole room or your whole home, there are certain techniques that can be used when it comes to painting. These techniques can give a unique feel to the walls bringing your rooms to life. By hiring decorative […]

Ideas for a front door paint color

While the front door can sometimes be overlooked by homeowners, it is still one of the very first things seen by visitors. It can be dull and uninviting or fresh and exciting. The right front door color can make a strong statement while complimenting you’re home and adding to its curb appeal. Tips for choosing […]

Painting Contractor Norwalk, CT | Home Painting

Home Painting Fairfield County, CT With spring just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about you’re home improvement projects. There are several things one can do to boost curb appeal as well as you’re homes worth. while there are many things that can make you’re home more attractive, painting you’re trim […]