Bathroom Painting Tips And ideas

Bathroom painting can be a fast, fun and economical way to transform your décor. But before you run out to the paint store, here are some tips and tricks to ensure your painting project is a complete success.

First Things First

Before you decide on your new color(s), take just a few minutes to assess your space. You’ll get a lot of important information and save yourself some potentially costly mistakes later on.

Make some notes. What’s on the walls right now, wallpaper or paint? If it’s paint, are the walls textured or flat, dark-colored or light? What about the cabinets, are they stained or painted? What about the tub and lavatory. Are they standard-issue white or another color? Is the flooring patterned or plain? Is the tile in the shower or surrounding the tub multi-colored? Make a note of the faucets and fixtures, are they chrome, gold-toned, bronze or a combination? Will you be working with a large or small space; with lots of natural light or none? Lastly, is the bath entirely closed off from surrounding areas like the bedrooms or hallways?

Once you have a sense of what you’re working with you’ll have a better idea how you want to approach your project. After assessing your space you may decide you want to work around what you already have, change it up, or just experiment.

Decorating Challenges

Sometimes existing fixtures and flooring can present decorating challenges. If your tub, shower, lavatory are already a custom shade like salmon or aqua, you’ll want to find some creative ways to work around your existing color schemes. Take photographs to help you accurately identify the shades of your existing fixtures so you know your new paint color will compliment them and not clash.

If your existing fixtures and tile, are white, you have a myriad of options. You can make a major impact to your décor by changing brightly colored walls to light, pale, neutral shades. Then you can let your towels and bath accessories do the heavy color lifting. If your walls are already muted, go the other way; change those cream and white walls to a vivid color and opt for contrasting towels in fresh, crisp white.


Bathrooms provide the perfect opportunity to experiment and a powder bath is an ideal place to unleash your creativity. If you are working with staid and traditional fixtures like a stark white commode and sink with chrome faucets and handles, go bold! Add black and white stripes to the walls. Keep your accessories all black or make the room pop by adding ruby red ceramic bath accessories, towels and bathmats.

Another way to revamp your bath, change one wall. Not sure about that shade of persimmon you’ve been wanting to try? See how you like just one accent wall opposite the lavatory and mirrors.

Sheen Matters

Once you have your color(s) in mind, it’s time to decide on your paint finish. Paint finish is more than personal preference. When it comes to the bathroom, yes, sheen matters.

The bathroom is where fashion meets function. The paint in your bathroom needs to withstand all the moisture and humidity inherent to operating showers and bathtubs. That condensation promotes mildew. Then there’s the hygiene factor; bathrooms require more cleaning. When you go to select your bathroom paint finish, avoid the flat and matte formulations. They are porous and absorb moisture which can cause mildew to form.

For the walls and ceiling, look for a satin finish with enamel and sealants especially formulated to withstand humidity and resist stains. They should stand up to frequent cleaning and are unlikely to mildew. For the cabinets and trim work, you can go as glossy as your tastes dictate. Just keep in mind high gloss finishes tend to be unforgiving. They’ll highlight any imperfection or mar in the texture or woodwork.

Here to Help

Once you’ve got your color scheme in mind, Don’t be afraid to call in an expert. We can help you tie together competing hues, assist with paint selection and sheen, and point out any potential pitfalls with your project. We’re happy to share the benefit of our years of experience in bathroom painting to prevent any surprises and ensure the results you get are the ones you wanted.