About Us

I would really rather call this page About You because that’s the way I run my painting business. It’s actually your home or small business and not just a painting project. But I realize the importance of telling you a little bit about myself since we will be discovering a lot about each other.

I am Michael Lasprogato, the owner of Vivid Painting LLC. I was born and raised here in Fairfield County, CT and have no plans to leave. I could have chosen any number of careers but meeting people and helping them to enhance and protect the beauty of their homes is more than just an occupation, it brings satisfaction to know that my fussiness will enrich their lives.

This also means that I will personally be there—working and/or supervising. When you hire Vivid Painting, you’re hiring me. You’re getting a small, local, family-owned business, not a large painting contractor with a big advertising budget and slick sales people. I’m certainly not saying all large painting contractors are bad, I’m simply stating what you can expect from me and my company.

When you meet me, you’ll realize that selling is not my strongest trait. I compensate for that by going out of my way to understand your needs, preferences, identify your problems or problem areas to offer solutions, and do everything I can to assure that you will help sell for me by recommending me to others.

This may sound like I only do small jobs. That’s not the case. I work on large painting projects and can bring in other skilled painters when needed. I’ve just made a business decision not to sub out projects because that’s the best way to protect my reputation and fulfill the promises I am making to you both on this page and in person.

About My Pricing

If you’re getting quotes from other painters which is a prudent thing to do, you’ll find my prices competitive and attractive. I maintain lower overhead than many painting contractors but it’s not just about prices, it’s about value. Yes, I realize the word value is abused to the point where it’s often just code for cheap, but I streamline where I can so I can pay close attention to detail without going over the top on prices.

Let’s Talk

If you have any questions about your project, my business or me, or would like to schedule a free consultation, please call me at (203) 246-9966 or complete our online request form. Whether we end up working together or not, I’ll be happy to give you some helpful ideas on how to transform your house into your dream home!