2015’s trending paint colors

What better way to jumpstart your New Year and transition into spring than by refreshing your surroundings. And what better way to make a change and an impact than with paint colors. The 2015 paint color lines are out, with more new varieties of shade and hue than ever before. Lots of great colors are trending and the only prediction we’ll make? Deciding which ones to select for your next project will prove quite a challenge!

The editors of House Beautiful polled eleven interior designers to get their opinions on the top color trends for the coming year. As you might expect, their responses varied widely from bright, vivid and vibrant shades to muted, muddied and subdued. Some of the pros chose palettes reminiscent of “Miami Vice” with hues stolen straight from the Floridian coastline – pinks and oranges and blues. Others opted for neutral combinations of black, gray and white, adding just one splash flash of color like red or Mediterranean blue.

For those that still remember the olive green and orange appliances, counter-tops and shag carpeting from the 1960s, those colors are making a major 2015 comeback, with a host of variations for walls and trim.

The trendsetters at Sherwin Williams picked Coral Reef as their 2015 paint color of the year. It’s a bold peach-pink orangey red hue you could try for a dramatic accent wall, or as they suggest, a front door or solitary piece of painted furniture.

The stylists over at Benjamin Moore opted for Guilford Green as their trending color pick. It’s a blend of pewter and green that takes neutral to another level. This straight-from-nature hue makes a fabulous backdrop to showcase your furnishings, art and decorations.

While designers and paint companies may differ on which colors are going to be the most popular in the year ahead, one thing is certain – color is big. Choosing which ones you’re going to incorporate in your home is contingent on your own individual style and taste but here are three universal tips to help you choose from the myriad of choices available.

Tip #1 – Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with paint colors

You may exercise caution in every other area of your life, when it comes to interior decorating, it’s a great place to be a little adventurous. Paint is a great way to change things up and change your mind. If you’ve always gravitated to beige, ecru, almond and off-white, see what happens when you paint just one wall of your bedroom persimmon or claret. You may find you adore the mood change a solid strong hue can make. Paint is very forgiving. Should you decide to make another change down the road, it’s an easy and inexpensive change to make.

Tip #2 – Keep it in the Family

If one of those bolder, trending colors seems a little too bold for you? Try backing down the shade to a softer variation of the hue. You may find just a hint of the emerald green washed into a tan or white gives your plain Jane walls a whole different appeal. You don’t have to go with the brightest, deepest shade of a color. In fact, one of the color schemes trending this year is monochromatic – using varying depths of the same color throughout your home. Just a whisper of the tint on the ceiling, going bolder on the walls and creating one accent wall with the deepest, boldest shade creates a great effect.

Tip #3 – Trends are Just Ideas

When it comes to color trends, one does not fit all. No matter how popular a vibrant fiery coral may be in the design books, if it doesn’t appeal to you, leave it alone. Whoever you might impress with your vogue fashion statement won’t be living with the color day in and day out as you will.

By the same token, those new trending colors may just be the inspiration you need to make the dramatic change in your home’s décor you’ve been wanting to make. Use the talents and creative genius of the artists and designers to transform your own space into something worthy of a magazine spread.

Last of all, just remember, whatever hues you choose, painting is our business and we’re here to help you. If you have any questions about how to choose the best paint colors for your next project, we’re standing by. We’ll gladly consult with you to ensure a great result.